I’ve been on my new medication for almost two weeks now, and the difference has been pretty incredible. At first it caused some kind of nasty akathisia (basically feeling like ants are crawling up and down my arms and legs so I need to move, all. the. time), but that seems to have passed now, and I’m just left with this almost boundless need to do things. I cleaned my closet, dear reader. I voluntarily cleaned my closet. I packed up all the ill-fitting clothes and banished them to Goodwill without a second thought. I washed everything that needed it and put it away. I cleaned up the huge piles of junk that had all but taken over my room. It’s bizarre!

I think overall it’s a good development, though I’m still sort of processing how I feel about it. Hopefully it will continue. Right now, I’m basking in the knowledge that if something needs to be done, I can just do it, rather than ignoring the issues for months until it has to be dealt with.

Don’t get me wrong, everything isn’t magically better. I haven’t progressed in my proofreading course, though I feel like I might be able to now, and I still play video games a little too much. But it’s the first real sign of progress that I’ve had since I started this journey a year ago, and that makes me feel pretty hopeful.