I lost an old friend today. It feels strange to describe it that way, because it’s nothing “more” than a really old keyboard. But that keyboard has been with me my entire adult life. It went with me to college and followed me to where I live now, some 20 years and several moves later.

I’m a gamer and programmer, and it’s safe to say that I spend the vast majority of my life in front of my keyboard. Of course, the keyboard at work counts for a lot of that time, but nevertheless, my beloved Logitech Cordless Comfort keyboard was exactly what I wanted and worked flawlessly for 20 years, through changing interface technology (its wireless receiver still has a PS/2 plug on it, though it thankfully also has a USB) and changes in the average keyboard design.

And, it turns out, it’s irreplaceable. There is no keyboard on the market currently that has the same features that made me love my old friend: wireless, ergonomic (split keyboard), with a removable wrist rest and a relatively small footprint. I’ll have to make do with something like the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, which, while it will get the job done, is so much bigger than my Logitech that it feels completely different in the keyboard drawer.

You served me well, Logitech Cordless Comfort keyboard, and you won’t be forgotten. Rest in peace, my friend.