I started taking a new medication recently, and it is having the most bizarre effect. I feel a constant need to be doing something. Which, for someone who has gone years without really wanting to do much of anything except play games, is highly unusual. I think it’s something called akithisia, which can be a side effect of the new med, but I guess I’ll have to call my doctor and see what he thinks.

On the silver lining side, I got my bedroom and closet almost completely cleared out today. It took like 6 hours, 2 contractor grade trash bags, and 5 smaller bags for Goodwill. Turns out, I had a lot of shit that didn’t fit anymore. But now it’s out and the closet looks great. We also got a shoe rack that we put up in the laundry room (near the garage door), so now my shoes aren’t tripping everyone up when they go in the closet. Yay!

On the cloudy side, I think I’ve been driving Jon a bit crazy. I’ve just been constantly needing to do something, but the things that we usually do together don’t require any movement, so they’re harder for me to do right now. I’m also having a little trouble finding words (mild aphasia?), so that can be frustrating (I couldn’t even think of “floor cleaner” at the store today, which made the poor associate look at me like I was an idiot.)

I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons lately. It’s a lot of fun, enough that I got Jon interested in it too. I really want to work on my island, but I’m having some trouble focusing enough to really accomplish much. But we’re still having fun with it, at least. Hopefully he won’t murder me in my sleep because I’m so restless~

Me dancing to KK Bubblegum in my room, after a long day working at home.

I’d like to write more, but honestly I’m having trouble sitting still again, so I guess I’ll will end here. Hopefully this stops soon, it’s very frustrating.